Having my work showcased in some of the best known galleries both domestically and internationally has been a true reward in my journey as an artist. You will see pieces from these shows below. Those that are available have the relevant information listed by clicking on the image. 

Deer Path Art League - Chicago 

It was an unexpected treat to feature my work at the Deer Path Art League in Chicago.  You haven't lived until you've been in Chicago in the winter!

Original pieces showcased in this exhibition are available for purchase in the site store.

Morpho Gallery - Chicago

I partnered with Morpho Gallery in Chicago for both the Emerging Artist Group Exhibition and the 10th Annual Juried Exhibition.  Morpho is one of the most fun galleries (in my opinion!) in Chicago.  They have a vintage record store in the back.  How fun is that?


Original pieces showcased in these exhibitions are available for purchase in the site store.


Agora Gallery - New York City (Chelsea)

I will be visiting New York City in the fall to present work from my "Transcendence" collection in at Agora Gallery. Join me there in person for a chat or or purchase your favorite piece from their online gallery!