Event Photography

Special events, business or personal, are the most significant memories and records of our experiences. Your event, no matter the size, will be fully captured so the moment can live on! I specialize in engagements, location shoots, music events, corporate events and behind the scenes coverage. I have a great passion to support non-profit organizations and enjoy supporting events and organizational media for those doing such hard work for the global community. I am happy to extend special pricing for non-profit organizations that support my key causes of wildlife protection, animal rights, veterans care, homelessness and domestic abuse. 

Engagement & Location Photography

Performance Event Photography

Organizational Event Photography

Event Booking Consultation

This is a non-refundable deposit for a 30-minute consultation (via Skype or in person) to discuss your event and provide an accurate quote for photography services. I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a time to review your quote.

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Proud to be part of the   My-Gay-Wedding.com network for engagement and event location photography!

Proud to be part of the My-Gay-Wedding.com network for engagement and event location photography!