Commercial Photography

I am involved in one of the most exciting professions in the world!  It's a never-ending opportunity to share my vision and my heart with hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the world.  What could be better than that? 

I believe in diversification.  While we are all concerned with how the viewer perceives our work, if we shoot the same subjects every day, day in and day out, we eventually stop seeing them.  Before too long, we end up in a creative rut and our photography suffers.  I never want that to happen to me.  Consequently, I shoot a diverse range of subjects, from book or CD covers to wildlife and family pets.  As artists, we should push the boundaries of our creativity, regardless of what we shoot.  If we know our equipment and get to know our subject, we can shoot anything; and do it very well.  We can't stop at what's obvious, we need to create.

Gesture applies to inanimate objects as well as people...It’s the expressive bit of movement, of line, of color, that brings a picture life.
— Gregory Heisler

Event Photography - Kathleen Messmer

Event Photography

Special events, business or personal, are the most significant memories and records of our experiences. With my training and experience, your event, regardless of size, will be captured so the moment can live on!

Composite Art - Kathleen Messmer

Cover & Composite Art

The imagery of your expression music, book or brand is the first impression you have to make. I understand what you most want captured in your image and will lend ideas, concepts and maniacal detail to your end result!

Portrait Photography - Kathleen Messmer

Portrait Photography

In a growing tech based society your digital image is key to personalizing an otherwise data driven world. Whether you are building a portfolio for casting or simply need a great profile image for your personal brand sites, such as LinkedIn, I can help you create the perfect look!