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Still Me...After All These Years

I've had the pleasure of working with Karen Walker on two separate occasions now. The first project was a novel entitled "The Wishing Steps". We collaborated on her cover and her author photo. It was hugely fun and my first stab at compositing. While I was nervous about it, it all turned out to be a fabulous project.


Karen is an amazing writer and with several other books under her belt, why wouldn't she be? It takes tremendous courage to put yourself out there in the world like that...way more than I have to be sure. She has put together another anthology on aging which was a tremendous effort by 24 writers in total. This one is entitled "Still Me...After All These Years". Each essay contained within the anthology had to first be read, then edited, then the tough part...she had to decide whose essay would be included. That had to be tough!


Once again, Karen tapped me to do the cover and since she already had many author photos from our previous work on "The Wishing Steps", she chose a new one for her author photo. We had a couple of concepts for the cover, but in the end, this one was the most direct and poignant. After all, who hasn't looked back on their life and thought, "man, didn't those years go by in a blink." Please join me in welcoming this wonderful compilation. It is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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