Fall in the Big Apple!

So, I’ll be in New York City again this fall for another exhibition at Agora Gallery.  Yay!  I love New York!  This year though, I’m really going to love it…for three reasons.


First, well…it’s NEW YORK!  I know…I don’t get out much, but come on!  The city that never sleeps, the bright lights, the people, the galleries…I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Plus, this is my third (!) New York show.  Agora Gallery is a great gallery and I’m so privileged to be showing there.  My first New York show culminated with one of my images being projected onto the side of a skyscraper - which, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see, but heard it was very cool. Here are just a few images being shown in October. 

Second, when I completely compressed my Ulnar nerve from lugging around a seven pound lens I had the pleasure of meeting an occupational therapist who has a son in New York who is a Firefighter and also happens to be a photographer.  You can imagine where my mind went with that - photographically speaking!  But the best part is that she told me he has access to the old underground.  Now that in itself is worth the ticket!  Ghostbusters anyone?

And last, but not by any stretch of the imagination, least, my new Artist’s Rep, Carey Rose O’Connell from RoseBrand Consulting Services will be joining me!  It’s a great opportunity for both of us to spread the word about her work and mine.  She is a workhorse and really cares about her clients.  The great thing though, is that she actually shows you how to do some of it yourself so you’re not totally dependent on another person to do ALL of your brand interaction.  It’s very empowering.  

I want to interject a little something here as well.  As artists, we want to focus on our art, not marketing, which is a huge mistake.  I’m totally guilty of that myself and that’s why I made RoseBrand part of my team.  Plus, I don’t really understand the licensing piece of it either, so once again, it’s RoseBrand to the rescue!

But I think the thing that’s going to be the most fun for both of us is that she’s never actually been to New York.  It’s going to be amazing introducing her to the city that is New York. And…we’re going to hit up the PhotoPlus International Expo and Conference while we’re there.  So much fun is packed into the few days we’ll be there, but man…I for one, can’t wait!

Until next time…