A New Year, A New Beginning

Here we are in a time when a new century holds all that gets to be named "current"! I remember being in elementary school and them telling us that there would be flying cars and all kinds of futuristic stuff by the time the new millennium rolled around.  Flying cars mostly. Well, we do have loads of futuristic stuff that we couldn't really conceive of as children, but it's not quite what they told us it would be.

That said, I spent most of today editing digital images.  Yes, digital.  Bear in mind that I started in photography wwwaaayyy back in the day. No really, way back when FILM was what you shot with and didn't know what you had until you got your roll(s) developed and had prints and negatives to look at. My instructors then told us that if you had two good images from a roll of 36 exposures, you were doing well.  TWO???!!! That could get seriously expensive!  Not to mention the many clothes I ruined in the darkroom from renegade splashes of developer, fixer, whatever.  AND my (then) wedding ring. No...we didn't wear aprons or gloves for protection.  Now we know better of course.  Mostly.

So, back to digital images...  I've been submitting my photography here and there and with the help of a Creative Consultant and a Design Consultant, have managed to get representation from a gallery in NEW YORK!  In the CHELSEA DISTRICT!  Can you say EXCITED!!!  Sorry for all the caps and exclamation marks.  I couldn't help it.  So, I submitted 16 digital images to the gallery via the internet and now I'm freaking out a little.  Well, more than a little.  Ok, A LOT!  I even had to do a new headshot.  No easy feat since I abhor having my picture taken, but I have a great friend (thanks Monica!) who did a phenomenal job.  Ironic, right?

I'm getting to show my "real" work in New York to people who might judge my work, judge me, and tell me I'm a fraud.  How have I turned into a neurotic artist?


I shoot lots of things - wildlife in particular, comes to mind - but my love and passion is abstract botanicals.  Yep - I said it.  Abstract.  Botanicals.  What the hell does THAT mean you might ask.  Or not.  But either way, I'm totally taken in by light, shadow, lines, texture and soft or vibrant colors. Especially in flowers and plants.  I love my macro lens and my 300mm telephoto.  If I didn't have to work, I'd be off somewhere different on the planet every day.  My boys think I'm crazy, but I think I've earned it.  I raised my family first and pursued my passion later.  I have these grey hairs for a reason and (mostly) wear them proudly!

So I'm going to show you some of the submitted images, but you are not allowed to judge. My Mom used to say, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." You wouldn't want to bruise my fragile psyche, would you?

Until next time...