Let's Have Some Fun Up in Here

I have been away for too long now.  Not that I haven’t been shooting and editing and shooting and editing some more, however, I seem to not have any extra time for attending to my blog.  So…here I am once again, getting ready to talk about what?  How about the before and after of images?  

Face it, not every image is great.  Wait, what did she just say?  Yes, I said it.  Not every image we take is great. However, I have a policy (with myself mostly) not to delete disastrous images because somewhere down the line I’ll be going through my library(ies) and find something that at the time I thought was awful.  On second glance though, it’s either not so bad or it can be turned into something I didn’t think was there.  It becomes a challenge to make it not just good, but great!

Maybe just changing them to black and white will recover what you thought was a lost cause.  Maybe throwing them into a plug-in will remedy the situation.  And then, there are apps on the iPhone, iPad and iMac that we get to play with.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  I love that!  I’m a big fan of playing.  It keeps me fresh and intrigued with where I can go with photography.

It took a long time for photography to even be recognized as art, so we should be able to create our art however we choose, as artists.  Yes, there are purists out there who say playing with photography is not art, however, I challenge them to pull out the finger paints (metaphorically speaking) and dive in! There was a time when I was also (gasp!) a purist.  Then I got over it and started having fun.

I’ve never been an Andy Warhol fan (yes, I know…try not to judge too harshly),  but he must have had a ball doing all his weird, now priceless, art.  My goal as an artist, or one of them at least, is to never take myself too seriously.  Seriousness takes all the fun out of life and if you’re an artist, takes all the fun and pleasure out of your art.  Ease up and have some fun.  That’s all I’m saying.

Until next time…