"Cue the Deer!"

I love the movie "Funny Farm".  It's about a sportswriter who wants to be a novelist.  He moves himself and his wife out to the country so he can write in peace and quiet. Only, the place they move to is so far from anything that not even the movers know where they're supposed to deliver the furniture! Now, that's isolated.  Turns out they have tons of critters and of course, dead bodies on their property.

Hang in with me here; this all ties in, I promise...


I went to the zoo last weekend to do some shooting - photos that is - and was immediately captivated. The very first exhibit is Flamingos - big and pink and feathered - as Flamingos tend to be. Well, who knew we had Flamingos in Albuquerque?  We're in the high desert and land locked. We have sand, cactus, scorpions and tarantulas! It seems to me that Florida is a more appropriate location. And yet, here were Flamingos, right in front of me. Wow! I was sooo excited!


The next exhibit was an African Blue Crane which I've never seen before. Huge! And uproariously funny! They chase each other and run with their wings out while making this horrendous noise. I was watching them interact and had determined I was going to get an image and in fact, had my shot framed up. I was standing in a planter box type thing about 12" off the ground and just as I was about to click the shutter they moved. Well, hell.  I had to recompose my shot. I stepped back not realizing the ledge of the planter was covered in ice (it is still winter here) and WHAM!!! Down I went - smashing my hand onto the frozen planter ledge. Hurt like a son of a gun, however, I did save the camera (!!!) and powered through to spend the next five hours shooting.  Ah...bliss.

I captured a playful Polar Bear...  so cute! And a poser Seal... lounging under a red flag to protect his delicate skin - his expression says it all. 

As well as a beautiful Snow Leopard and a Tree Kangaroo, who even heard of such a thing? A very sleepy Koala Bear, a Zebra getting ready for a siesta and last, but not least, a Black and White Lemur.

Some of these critters are standard fare for a zoo. But others, not so much, so it was worth it to have taken the time to visit each one - even in pain.  Oh, the sacrifices we make for our art!

By the time I got in my car to go home though, the thumb on my smashed hand was pretty swollen and a lovely color of purple and blue. When I got there, I couldn't bend it. I figured it was time to take myself to Urgent Care. Ugh... On a Sunday afternoon. Not happy.

At Urgent Care, they poked and prodded and eventually got around to doing x-rays and low and behold, my thumb was (is) broken. The tendon in my hand did a bang-up job of staying attached to my thumb joint, however, the joint didn't fare as well. A teensy piece of bone pulled away from the joint. Teensy, but critical. Apparently, I need this bone to re-attach so I can continue to flex my thumb. Good grief! My first broken bone. Grr... The good news is that it will heal in four weeks. The bad news? It's the hand I use to focus my lens. The doctor says no shooting until it's healed. Can you image? Four weeks without feeding my soul! How will I manage it???

Well, it just so happens that I shot my first theater production the day before I broke my thumb and have 1000+ images I need to go through and edit - though, hopefully not too extensively - since editing is my least favorite part of being a photographer. So far I've done a rough edit to see what will work for them and of course, I have my zoo images to go through as well. Since I have the time, editing will be a pleasure...at least until I can shoot again. In the meantime, I can update my website, catch up on organizing my images from the first three months of 2014, read a pile of movie scripts that people want me to produce, etc., etc.

Maybe I can write a script about this incident and turn it into something hysterically funny like "Funny Farm". Or not...