Just Do It!

It's another new day and I'd like to talk a little bit about planning and setting goals. Yeah, yeah, I know... But it IS a new year - albeit a little past January 1st - and you know that old saying, if you don't have a plan, you plan to fail. So here we go...

Just after the holidays I met with a local poet and we decided we were going to collaborate on a project together. "What?" you may be thinking. "What does photography have to do with poetry?" Well, plenty if you think about it. It is an art form after all and if you are looking to reach viewers who may or may not get what your project is all about, the addition of another art form could definitely help; not to mention the addition of a whole other audience seeing your work. So, we're doing a project that will encompass locations all over the entire state, which is very exciting, but in addition, all proceeds from the sale of our images/poetry will benefit our local children's cancer center.

The planning that goes into a project of this scope is incredible. We've had weekly meetings and of course, plenty of coffee - just the two of us - and are now ready to involve several other people to assist us with the logistics and everything else that goes into planning an exhibition. One of the first things we learned was that we work really well together, which is hugely important in a collaborative effort. It's also forced us to put a budget together and we're actually doing crowd-funding to get our project done.  Phew! That's a whole thing unto itself. But again, it helps us plan each step to achieve our goal - that of creating a project that will not only benefit us and get us out there in the big, bad world, but will also benefit other people who need the help.

If we weren't engaged in the planning process, we wouldn't be able to even begin this project. It would remain in the talking stages forever - and no one benefits from that, especially the artists. We'd still be sitting around griping about how we "wish" we could get our work seen and actually make a living at what we love. Well, wishing and hoping never got anyone anywhere, so how about we stop griping and get our butts up out of that chair and do something!  It doesn't have to be ginormous, just start the process.  People help those that help themselves.  Just sayin'.